Sunday, December 9, 2007

Television 2.0?

One thing is for sure, you need to step-up your game to keep winning. It applies to soccer, a game that I love, and also to advertising. As you determine your media planning strategies, remember that we are moving from an age of sample-based measurement (AC Nielsen) to an age of census-based measurement. While this has always been true on the web it’s now happening with TV, as it moves from broadcast to IP based. There is an excellent book that covers this transformation in details: Television Disrupted.

In Television Disrupted, Shelly Palmer does a great job at presenting the probable futures of TV. From broadcast to narrowcast, from linear to dynamic and time-shifted,from analog to digital, Shelly explores and tries to anticipate the response of "old media" (networks) to "new media" (networked). How will "IP" and user generated content overcome inertia and established advertising / revenue models? All fascinating questions in a well thought-out framework. In the end and as always consumers will choose and define what is to become a much richer experience known as Television 2.0!

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